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Body Sculpting For The Modern Age


PureLight™ is most advanced light-based body sculpting system on the market. Designed to prime your fat cells before a workout, PureLight dramatically accelerates the rate of fat burn during cardiovascular exercise. Never just workout—optimize every workout and sculpt your perfect body.


Is everyone suitable for treatment?

Yes. Many independent medical studies have been completed to identify the reaction that is triggered in the fat cells when using PureLight. PureLight does not cause any tissue damage or other side effects. This technology has been used safely and successfully for body sculpting for over a decade.

Is it painful?

For most people, there is very little sensation during PureLight treatment, except slight warmth where the treatment pads are in contact with the skin.

How many treatments will I need?

The suggested treatment courses are 8‐10 sessions with treatments scheduled every 2‐3 days. However, each person has individual requirements and goals.

When will I see results from my treatments?

Most people have measurable reductions in circumference of the treatment area immediately after the first treatment and, if you follow the guidelines, this reduction will continue to improve at each treatment session.

How long will my results last after treatment?

Once the fat is emptied from the fat cell and then removed from the body by the post treatment exercise, it is gone for good. Provided you maintain a suitable calorie intake from a healthy diet and undertake some regular activity, these results should be long-term.

Can I have several areas of my body treated?

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